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Our commercial janitorial services are designed to meet our customers needs. Common janitorial services include trash collection and removal, disinfecting, dusting, polishing, glass and mirror cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and recycling in common areas such as:

  • Exterior and interior entrances including doors and windows

  • Lobbies, foyers, receptionist areas, and waiting rooms

  • Offices, cubicles, hallways, elevators, and stairways

  • Kitchens, lunchrooms, lounges, and patios

  • Restrooms and locker rooms

  • Closets, storage rooms, and warehouses

  • Strip and wax

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Daytime porter services



Steel City Cleaning Solution's commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial services are not a commodity,

but essential professional services customized to suit the specific needs of each client. Our green cleaning solutions is just one example of Steel City Cleaning Solutions best-in-class service addressing our commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial customer’s needs.

We do not believe in using the same approach when it comes to each individual company, so we customize every cleaning to fit our client’s specific requests and needs. Our approach provides your facility with a highly committed, experienced, certified, and professional commercial cleaning staff. We serve our commercial cleaning clients with specific attention to their detailed needs, with an overall goal of true customer satisfaction. Whether your facility is a demanding high traffic environment or a small low traffic facility, we’ll custom design the right solution with the right commercial cleaning or janitorial product and the right people to meet your needs. The extensive janitorial training programs, superior on-site management, and the respect we show our customers and our employees, distinguish Steel City Cleaning Solutions as Number 1 for satisfying your cleaning needs and goals. Supported by constant innovation and our culture of and commitment to delivering high quality, we always put our clients first.

This commitment to peerless service is backed by our unconditional guarantee:


We guarantee our commercial cleaning services will exceed your expectations and give you the value you deserve!


At Steel City Cleaning Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the very best professional cleaning services in Pittsburgh, PA, Atlanta Georgia and surrounding areas. contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Cleaning 
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